Anyone who is from Wales or has lived in Wales will need no introduction to the Welshcake. However trying to describe them to someone who has never tried one before is tricky. They are something like a biscuit, like a cookie, like a cake, like a scone, like a pancake but not really fitting in to any of those categories. You simply have to try one.
Our welshcakes are made gluten free flour and with butter not margarine.

Our Welshcakes are available in the following flavours:

Traditional (made with currants)
Salted Caramel Fudge
Honeycomb and chocolate
Raspberry and white chocolate
Chocolate and orange
Toffee and chocolate

Allergen information – all our welshcakes contain eggs and butter. Individual flavours may contain other allergens (soya, nuts) please check with a member of staff